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Stor-Age Careers Debbie Perumal



Why did you choose to apply to Stor-Age?

I started applying for jobs within my field of Operations and a vacancy for an Assistant Operations Manager at Stor-Age popped up. I took a chance at applying for the position and I received a reply within an hour. My interview was then arranged for the next day and within five days I received a letter of appointment. I am grateful for the opportunity and so glad I took the time to apply.

What does an average day in your position entail?

Being based at a big box, “flagship” facility; I pride myself on ensuring that it is operating at the best levels at all times. My day starts off with being on time, ensuring the office/retail area is clean before operating hours. I walk about my facility, assign duties to the team of Facility Assistants that keep the property clean and secure. I then ensure that we have all the correct documents to start off our day in the office. Once all that is complete I settle down, focus on the tasks set out for the day and ensure that we are prepared at all times with a smile to assist both current and new clients

What learning opportunities have you been exposed to whilst at Stor-Age?

I have had the privilege of attending various sales, system and customer service training courses. These ongoing courses have assisted tremendously. 

How do you make a difference by contributing towards the core values of the business?

I aspire to provide excellent service to all clients. I love empowering people around me and have the opportunity to train new staff and share my knowledge. I am always willing to assist in and around both mine and other facilities. 

What highlights have you enjoyed while employed at Stor-Age?

Being promoted within six months of employment and completing my first 10km race during one of our team building activities.

What are your thoughts on the growth of the business?

I am proud to be a part of the Stor-Age team, an ever-growing and ever-evolving company. I love when clients walk into my facility and look in awe when taken on a tour. With the recent opening of the newest facility, I strongly believe that we are on a fast track to fulfilling our vision of being the best self-storage business in the world! 

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