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Vehicle storage

Even though they are some of the most valuable possessions we own, there is often no space to store our vehicles when they are not in use. So where do you store a vehicle if you don’t have a garage or parking bays at your place of work? While many people park their vehicles on the street and run the risk of them being stolen or broken into, we have a better solution – self storage. With Stor-Age’s safe and secure parking bays and spacious units, your vehicles will finally have the space they need.

Sizable parking bays and units

Many businesses don’t have the lucky of multiple parking bays, or if you work from home this will be limited. With Stor-Age, you’ll always have a place to safely store your vehicle. Whether you need a smaller unit to store a motorbike which you use for deliveries or that you usually park outside your home, or a large, covered parking bay to protect your fleet from sun damage, we offer a wide range of options to suit all your storage needs.**


We offer a flexible lease agreement that runs on a month-to-month basis. With us, you can rent a unit for as short as one month to use as temporary storage during a renovation or for permanent storage for your stock. It doesn't matter if you are storing a personal or business vehicle.

Conveniently-located stores

Stor-Age is the largest self storage company in South Africa, with over 55 stores nationwide. Each of our stores is located in South Africa’s major cities for your convenience, enabling you to drop off or collect your vehicle in a matter of minutes. Our personalised tags also give you access to the store seven days a week.*

Service with a smile

Self storage shouldn't be stressful and time-consuming. That’s why we have all the services you need under one roof. Our online packaging store offers a wide selection of packaging items, such as large boxes, bubble wrap and goods protectors, which can be delivered straight to your door. With our van rental service, you can include a Stor-Age driver with your van rental trip, and if you purchase your packaging boxes with us, we'll deliver them on the same trip.*

* Selected stores
** Insurance cover provided by Stor-Age Customer goods Protection Program
*** T's & C’s apply

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StorAge Reviews

StorAge Reviews