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Van service Terms and Conditions

  1. Partnership rates for van trips will be charged. Partnership rate move-in trips may be available at certain stores during off peak periods in the month. All the Partnership rate van trips must fall within 0 - 40km radius from the store. Preferred partnership customers are entitled to two (2) partnership rate van trips during the off peak periods in the month.

KINDLY NOTE: Partnership rate van trips at the selected stores will only apply during off-peak periods between the 3rd and the 23rd of each month. No discounted van trips may be booked during the peak period, between the 24th and the 2nd of the month.


  1. A reservation fee is payable on booking of the van if you are moving into a new unit. A van booking will be confirmed on receipt of this reservation fee.


  1. Limit on liability: Stor-Age, its directors, and any successors-in-title will not be liable for any damage caused to, loss or theft of any goods during packing, unpacking or in transit, whether direct or indirect.


  1. Stor-Age will only provide a driver for the van and does not provide labour.


  1. Stor-Age does not provide insurance on any goods being transported. Customers must arrange their own insurance.


  1. The Stor-Age van must return to the relevant Stor-Age Store (and be unpacked) within 2 hours of arriving at the specified pick-up address; a penalty fee of R399.00 per half hour or part thereof, may be charged for any van trip in excess of 2 hours.


  1. No persons may travel in the Stor-Age van with the driver; no interruptions to journeys are permitted.


  1. 24 hours notice is required for all Stor-Age van cancellations. Failure to comply with this cancellation policy will result in standard rates being charged; the rate applied will depend on the specified pick-up address.