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self storage packaging

Did you know that we stock a wide range of packaging products in each of our stores?

Do you need packaging to help move your household or business items into storage, or keep them protected during your move? The good news is that whatever your packaging needs may be, we’ve got you covered.

Below you can browse our extensive range of boxes, tape, bubble wrap, padlocks and other items to keep your valuables protected and make your move much easier.

All moving supplies can be bought onsite.

Promotions and bundles

small box
Box Special

Receive 2 free boxes when you buy 8. Call us on 0861181818 if you don't know how many boxes you need
medium box
Value Pack Medium*
Price: R749.00
10 Medium and 10 small boxes, tape, large goods protector, 10 fragile stickers, permanent marker, 5m bubble wrap
Buy 8 get 2 free - Medium
Value Pack Large*
Price: R1099.00
15 Medium and 10 small boxes, 2 tape, jumbo goods protector, 10 fragile stickers, marker, 5m bubble wrap, newsprint


medium box
Small Box
Price: R26.50
Store your items safely in our small box
Size 443mm x 296mm x 299mm
medium box
Medium Box
Price: R31.50
Store your items safely in our medium box
Size 610mm x 310mm x 350mm
medium box
Large Box
Price: R39.00
Store your items safely in our large box
Size 451mm x 451mm x 506mm
small box
Archive Box
Price: R47.00
Ideal for storing paperwork and old documents. They are also stackable
Size 330mm x 430mm x 300mm

medium box
Hanger Box
Price: R168.00
Move your clothes from your cupboard and store them crease-free in your storage unit
Size 550mm x 430mm x 1 030mm
Buy 8 get 2 free - Medium
TV Box
Price: R168.00
Protect your TV while being transported with this sturdy box
Size 1 360mm x 220mm x 800mm

Bubble wrap and wrapping materials

medium box
Bubble Wrap - Per Metre
Price: R13.00
Perfect for wrapping valuable items so that they are further protected in your self storage unit
Size 1.2m x 1m
medium box
Bubble Wrap - Large Bulk
Price: R750.00
Save by purchasing bubble wrap in bulk
Size 1.2m x 100m
Buy 8 get 2 free - Medium
Bubble Wrap - Small Bulk
Price: R275.00
Save by purchasing bubble wrap in bulk
Size 416mm x 100m
small box
Airkraft Bubble Wrap - 5m
Price: R74.00
Perfect for table tops, chairs and other furniture items while they are in storage
Size 1.2m x 5m
medium box
Corrugated Board SFK - 5m
Price: R68.00
Featuring a layer of coruboard for absorbing pressure and impact, perfect for heavier furniture items
Buy 8 get 2 free - Medium
Newsprint 3kg
Price: R99.00
Perfect for packing and protecting fragile items when moving. Use this for your breakable items


small box
Disc Padlock
Price: R245.00
Secure your unit with this stainless steel body 70mm disc padlock
medium box
Double Disc Padlock
Price: R420.00
Save by purchasing two stainless steel body 70mm disc padlocks
Buy 8 get 2 free - Medium
Brass Padlock
Price: R230.00
Featuring a non-corrosive inner component and a rust protected steel shackle


small box
Tape - 100m
Price: R29.50
Seal your boxes with our 100m buff tape
medium box
Clear Tape - 50m
Price: R17.00
Seal your boxes with our 50m clear tape
Buy 8 get 2 free - Medium
Tape Dispenser
Price: R170.00
Our tape dispenser will make sealing your boxes simple and fast


small box
Goods Protector - Jumbo
Price: R77.00
Protect your large mattresses and furniture with a 60-micron jumbo goods protector
Size: 1 750mm x 800mm x 2 500mm
medium box
Goods Protector - Large
Price: R59.00
Protect your large mattresses and furniture with a 60-micron large goods protector
Size: 1 800mm x 2 300mm
Buy 8 get 2 free - Medium
Price: R115.00
Protect your table tops and other wood or glass furniture items while they are in storage

Packaging accessories

medium box
Hanger Rail
Use with our hanger box, place your clothing on this hanger rail to store your clothing crease-free
medium box
Corner Protectors
Price: R40.00
Protect your tables, couches and TV with our cardboard corner protectors
Buy 8 get 2 free - Medium
Permanent Marker
Price: R25.00
Mark you boxes to easily locate them in your storage unit and to make unpacking far easier
small box
Red Rope - 15m
Price: R38.50
Use rope to safely secure your items while being transported to and from your self storage unit
medium box
Fragile Sticker
Price: R2.00
Place these on your fragile items to ensure they are taken care of while being moved in and out of your unit
Buy 8 get 2 free - Medium
Palette Wrap
Price: R165.00
Perfect for securing boxes and for keeping items together while being transported
Size: 450mm x 400m

If you are unsure of how many boxes or how much tape you need for safely storing your household or business items, our team of self storage experts is here to help. Simply give us a call on 0861 18 18 18 and we will make sure you only order the amount of packaging that you need.

A question we are often asked is how many boxes does it take to move your home. This box guide should help you:

• 1 bedroom flat: 20 – 40 medium sized boxes
• 2 bedroom house: 30 – 50 medium sized boxes
• 3 bedroom house: 40 – 70 medium sized boxes
• 4 bedroom house: 50 – 80 medium sized boxes

Here are a few ideas to make your self storage experience simple:

• Pack your belongings in good quality boxes, filling them up to capacity. Partially full or bulging boxes may tip or collapse. Our range of different sized boxes will help you choose the right size to suit your needs
• Use our available trolleys to transport your goods to and from your unit
• Plan your space! Start with bulky items and your heaviest boxes, stacking from the back of your unit making your way to the front. Put those items that you need to get to most often near the front, closest to the door
• To maximise space, stack similar sized boxes together and allow for walkways. Pack all odd shaped items last as its usually challenging to stack around them
• Label or number all boxes on all four sides for easy identification
• Furniture with drawers can be utilised as storage place for china, silverware and small items. You can also wrap such items in tablecloths, towels or blankets to prevent breakage. Our goods protectors will further help you protect your items while they are in storage

Click here for more self storage tips and hints.

Please note that for safety reasons we do not accept cash in our stores.

*Available at selected stores