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Local Business Spotlight Social Media Terms & Conditions

  1. You give Stor-Age Property REIT Limited the right to draft a brief description on your company/business and publish such copy on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn without further approval from yourself. You will however be notified of the post appearing on the Stor-Age profile/s allowing you the opportunity to request a correction to any errors.
  2. You give Stor-Age Property REIT Limited the right to select an image from any of your company social media profiles or your website and publish it on the Stor-Age Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn profiles without further approval from yourself.
  3. Stor-Age Property REIT Limited will promote the social media post on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.
  4. This offer to participate is only available to current Stor-Age customers whose accounts are not in arrears.
  5. Stor-Age Property REIT Limited holds the right to end this offer to participate without notice.
  6. This offer has no cash value.
  7. Stor-Age does not guarantee the correctness of information acquired or supplied and can in no way be held liable for any damages suffered by yourself or your company acting upon such information.