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Founded by Swiss multiple mountain bike World Champion Christoph Sauser in 2008, the Songo programme helps South African children build the skills and confidence to thrive regardless of what life may throw at them. Inspired by his own success on two wheels, Christoph and his team are successfully breaking the cycle of poverty in South Africa one bike ride at a time.

From humble beginnings, Songo has evolved into an impactful education support and sports programme that helps the children of Kayamandi, Stellenbosch build a brighter future. With a focus on BMX and mountain bike training, children learn valuable skills through daily coaching sessions. Additionally, Songo's education and life skills programmes help children overcome educational roadblocks and pursue their studies further. The organisation’s key objective is that every child who comes through Songo goes on to be a confident, well-rounded individual who is gainfully employed and a contributing member of the community.

To find out more about Songo or get involved with the programme, visit their website or read about their inspirational business journey on our blog.

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