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Louw Bros Plumbing

Brothers Hunter and Bronson Louw founded Louw Bros Plumbing in 2017 with the goal of becoming no.1 in the no.2 business. Despite being novices at the time, the duo noticed a gap in the Cape Town market and decided to take the plunge and start their own business. As their team grew, so did their expertise, and in 2019 the brothers expanded to include drainage services, as well as leak detection two years later.

Today, Louw Bros is a thriving company of more than 20 trained specialists in plumbing, drainage and leak detection. The crew offer a range of different services within the commercial, residential and marine sectors, including pipe installation, thermal imaging and geyser replacement. “What makes Louw Bros Plumbing special is our quality workmanship,” Hunter says. “Our team all have years of experience in the trade.”

To find out more about Louw Bros Plumbing and the specilalised services they offer, visit their website or read our blog post on their awe-inspiring business journey.

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