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Bonsai Tree

Terry Erasmus founded Bonsai Tree as a way to help those with an interest in the Japanese art form thrive in South Africa. After years of struggling to find the relevant tools to nurture his lifelong passion, Terry saw an opportunity to bring the beauty of bonsai to South Africa.

Over the years, and after much travel and study, Terry carefully nurtured his interest in this beloved pastime into a flourishing e-commerce business, Bonsai Tree. Today, Terry and his right-hand man, James, manufacture and supply a vast selection of bonsai and other plant-related products to bonsai enthusiasts and wholesalers around the country. After expanding the product range to include succulents, orchids and carnivorous plants, Bonsai Tree is set to outgrow the competition in no time.

To find out more about Bonsai Tree and its incredible products, visit their website or read about their business journey on our blog.

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