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Your Business Pays Too Much For Space

Using self storage is not a matter of convincing the business owner they need space, they already use space. It is a matter of deciding that they are paying too much for office space and that this cost can be reduced by using self storage. Self storage is convenient as only you have access to your unit. In addition most self storage facilities have an access record so you can track which employees access the storage unit and when.

Almost every business pays to use space. This may be general office space or archiving or for stock. The fact is you are probably paying too much for this space. Premuim office space should be used for exactly that, offices. If you have areas or even rooms full of documents and stock then that is space you are paying too much for. The solution is to put those goods into self storage and use the office space or better yet, downgrade to smaller premises.

The self storage industry has also evolved to understand that each business is unique and their needs must be met with a unique solution. This is why some self storage companies offer tailor made solutions for space ranging from one square metre up to 200 square metres. The larger spaces for business have become known as self warehousing and allows businesses to only use the space that they need, without paying more for the space that they don't; and while not being tied into long term leases.

If your business already uses the space, the question to ask is, "Am I paying too much for it?"

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 25 July 2011 | News And Events