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Whatever You Do Don't Ask For A Garage

We receive thousands of enquiries every month for self storage and almost always we are asked for a price on a garage space. There are many reasons for this, not least the fact that traditional self storage facilities were built as rows of garages in rural or industrial areas and simply do not offer spaces of any other size. As self storage has developed more modern, attractive facilities, various unit sizes to suit the customers needs have become available. In the past, storing a few boxes or moving apartment meant renting a garage space that would essentially be empty even with your stuff stored in it, passing on the cost of renting a large unit when only a small space was required. Why pay for space you don't need?

Today someone seeking self storage should ask about all the storage options available and choose a space that will suit their needs. But how do you know what size is best for you? It is best here to talk to the experts. Call your local self storage company and let them know what you are looking to store. They should be able to provide you with a confident recommendation based on your needs. We put together a quick guide for what you can store in various unit sizes. You can also use this tool as our self storage space estimator.

3sqm - Recommended For: Excess garage items 

6sqm - Recommended For: 1 or 2 bedroom flat 

9sqm - Recommended For: 2 bedroom flat / home

12sqm - Recommended For: 2 bedroom home + garage contents

15qm - Recommended For: 3 bedroom home / vehicle

18sqm - Recommended For: 4 bedroom home / double-cab bakkie

21sqm - Recommended For: 4 bedroom home + garage contents

24sqm - Recommended For: 5 or 6 bedroom home

30sqm - Recommended For: 5 or 6 bedroom home + garage contents

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 27 November 2015 | Tips And Hints