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Top Tips For Your Color Run

So you have bought tickets, volunteered or been bribed into doing a Color Run, congratulations and well done. Now there are a few things that experienced Color Runners will be able to let you know, so that you can avoid the standard definition of 'experience', i.e. the thing you get just after you need it! We have decided to put together our top list of tips to make sure your Color Run is an absolute blast.

1. Take a before shot
Arguably the most fun about a Color Run is the color! By the end of the race you should be a rainbow of happiness and your once white clothes will need a few good washes, or perhaps you will just leave them that way as a souvenir. One thing you must not forget to do is take a picture before you start your race and then strike the same pose after the race. It's always great to have this shot for memories and to see just how mad the run was.

The Color Run before picture

2. Eye protection
To avoid paint getting in your eyes we recommend you take some swimming goggles or welding glasses. We have found that sunglasses have too many gaps and will not be useful in keeping paint out of your eyes. Won't I look silly in goggles? Possibly, however looking silly is pretty much the aim of the game here and it may look a lot sillier trying to do the event with paint in your eyes.

3. Keep your paint

Many people want to immediately open their paint and get cracking, we recommend saving your paint for the Finish Festival. There are a number of crowd Color Splashes at the Finish Festival and it is great fun to be part of the festivities. For this you will need to have your paint.

Stor-Age Color Blast Wall

4. Cellular phone protection
The Color Run is an incredibly visual event and as such you will want to take as many pictures of the event as you can. How do you avoid getting paint on such an expensive device? We recommend using a plastic bag such as a ziploc bag to protect your phone when not in use. Another great way to protect your phone is to use cling wrap and leave a little space for the camera lense. That way you won't have to remove it from a bag each time you want to take a picture.

5. Visit sponsor stations

There are many sponsoring companies at the event and they often offer some great freebies for you to collect such as printed images, t-shirts or free paint. Check out the Stor-Age Color Blast Wall where you can can be shot with multiple Stor-Age Color Cannons for that little extra paint effect.

Stor-Age Color Cannon Crew

6. Careful with your car
After the race you will realise that getting your car full of color is not as fun as getting yourself full of color. Take a long a towel or two to dust off and place over your seats before the drive. You can also keep an eye out for the Stor-Age stand where many plastic car seat covers will be handed, you just need to hurry as stocks are limited and on a first come first serve basis.

Don't forget to check out the Stor-Age Facebook page for great Color Run competitions, such as winning tickets to the event.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 11 November 2016 | Tips And Hints