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3 tips for dealing with theft in the construction industry

Did you know that construction site theft costs South Africa in the region of R1 billion each year? The majority of this theft occurs after hours, and the recovery estimates of all stolen equipment is only approximately only 6%. This means that construction companies face a significant loss on an annual basis.

If you own your own construction company, you no doubt understand the pressures of hauling expensive equipment from one site to the next. Your constant need to be mobile means that you need to ensure that your tools and equipment are safe in transit and on site.

You could always pack your equipment into your bakkie and park it in the driveway or garage, filled to the brim with tools and equipment that make up your livelihood. While this may be safer than leaving your equipment on site, it could create unnecessary clutter in your home and garage, or even put your home’s safety at risk.

self storage for construction

Here are three top tips on how to best protect your equipment from theft. 

  1. Policies and insurance 

There are theft prevention policies for employees that highlight a zero-tolerance for theft or unpermitted “borrowing” of equipment. Taking out an insurance policy will also cover your pricey equipment for the instance of theft and or breakage.

  1. Keys and security

The old saying “prevention is better than cure” can’t be truer in this instance. When possible, it is always a good idea to lock machinery when not in use and hire a security company to patrol the site after hours.

  1. Secure storage

Rather than leaving equipment on site or lugging your tools home with you, many construction companies are choosing to store their belongings in a secure self storage unit. Accessible business self storage solutions allow for construction and allied trade companies to benefit from ensuring the security of their belongings.

Choosing a central location with controlled access and flexible hours to fit your schedule is the perfect storage solution for businesses in the construction industry. The ability to access your belongings whenever you need is balanced with peace of mind knowing your equipment is safe when you are not with it.

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 12 December 2018 | Construction|SME|Tips And Hints