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10 Tips for working from home

Over the past few weeks, we have all had to adjust to where and how we work. While working from home has become the new norm, for many it is a big adjustment from an office setting and one which requires more self-management and discipline.

Here are a few tips to help you become more productive in your home office.

10 Tips for working from home:

Structure your day like you would at work

Structure is key for working at home productively. Start your working day by completing the tasks you would normally do in the office. Also, set aside clear lunch and coffee breaks.

Get started early

Getting up early to start your day helps to get your mind into a productive mood. This may include making your bed, cleaning the kitchen or putting a load of laundry on. Whatever it is you choose to do in the morning, having a sense of accomplishment helps to start the day on a productive note.

Pretend like you’re going into the office

Sticking to a routine helps you to set up good habits. Getting up at the same time you would if you were going to the office, brush your teeth and get into normal clothes. This helps you to define work time from home time.

Use technology to stay connected

Technology helps us to stay connected more easily so utilise apps like Skype, Zoom or Hangouts to set up meetings with your team or clients.

Choose your work area carefully

By choosing a dedicated work space in your home, this will help you to distinguish between the two spaces. Be sure to clear it from any distractions and set it up as you would in an office.

Plan out what you’ll be working on ahead of time

Having a plan of what you’ll be working on for the day or week will help you to keep yourself accountable to complete those tasks.

Communicate expectations with your team

If you work with someone else or with a team, be sure to keep them updated with the tasks you’re working on and when tasks will be completed.

Take clear breaks

Getting lost in your work is a lot easier when you’re working from home. Take clear breaks that you fully relax in otherwise you could experience fatigue and become less productive over time.

Interact with other people

This could be heading to the living room and interacting with a family member or calling a friend. Whatever it is, speak to another human being. It helps us to take our mind off work during one of our breaks.

Have a clear finishing time

Having a clear finishing time that you stick to helps to set up the structure for each day. This is when you can get back into comfy clothes and get started on something around the home. It also helps you to put off distractions until you have finished your work.

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 14 April 2020 | Tips And Hints