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Tips for living cleaner, greener and longer

World Environment Day is right around the corner on 5 June. If you are starting to feel the pressure to live a little more green but are overwhelmed by how to start, you are not alone! When dipping a toe into the eco-pool, the most important thing to remember is that going green does not necessarily mean becoming a composting ninja. Plenty of people make a long-lasting positive impact simply by incorporating a few easy lifestyle changes.  


If going green is on your 2022 bingo list, we can help. Below we highlight the top tips for living cleaner, greener and longer. 


No more single-use plastic 

How many times have you had a look at your rubbish bin and cringed slightly at the amount of single-use plastic items you’ve gone through in a week? The good news is that you can find a reusable alternative to almost every single-use plastic item in your home. Love those ziplock plastic baggies? Get a set of reusable ones. Big fan of baking? Replace your wasteful wax paper with a reusable silicone baking sheet.  


Grow your own herbs and veggies 

If you have the space, growing a small herb or veggie garden is an excellent way to reduce how much produce you buy while cutting back on waste and lowering your grocery budget. Additionally, homegrown veggies mean no plastic packaging or refrigeration during transit. Fresh is best! 


Shop smart 

Many local businesses are jumping onto the green bandwagon and introducing more and more recyclable packaging. Next time you’re out stocking up for the month, keep a weather-eye out for items in recyclable packaging. Don’t forget to bring along those reusable shopping bags! 


Recycle electronics 

Ever since the golden days of playing Snake on a Nokia 3310, it feels as though a new version of a smartphone, TV, tablet, laptop or watch is released every other day. If you’re always on top of the latest tech gadget, always dispose of your old electronics responsibly. Alternatively, check online for local businesses that can recycle them for you.  


Arm yourself with knowledge 

Going green is a lifelong mission. While the internet is great for social media trends and cute animal videos, it’s also the best place to stay up to date on the best and latest tips for going green. From sourcing reusable plastic alternatives to a DIY guide to home composting, the internet is your guide. 


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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 31 May 2022 | Tips And Hints