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Time To Get Out The Old Vinyl Records

Did you know that today is Vinyl Record Day? "In February of 2002 the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors in California adopted a proclamation, conceived and written by Gary Freiberg, declaring August 12th as Vinyl Record Day in San Luis Obispo County. The date recognizes when Edison invented the phonograph in 1877." (source Vinyl Record Day)

Many of our customers are storing items of sentimental value and for some this is vinyl records. Nothing quite matches the authenticity of a scratchy copy of your favourite old classic that a vinyl record brings. Evoking memories of times gone by is a favourite past time for some tenants at Stor-Age. The original manager of Stor-Age Edgemead, Robbie Cameron, recalls:

"I remember being told by the tenant that they would be moving out. They told me, 'I'll just be going through all the things in the unit and then I'll be out by the end of the day.' A few hours later they strolled back in with a satisfied smile you can only get after visiting a long lost friend. 'Do you have a unit next door to mine? I think I will be storing a few more memories here.'"

Vinyl Record Day by Stor-Age
Image source: WikiMedia

Self storage is not only used by those that need it for a life changing event, such as moving, birth, death or renovating. Many South Africans are realising the benefits of using a self storage unit to hold their memories safe but without using up that valuable space at home. "Most new customers make use of self storage because they have to and then realise that they can use it to store items that would normally clutter their spare room or garage." Notes Chris Oosthuizen, Stor-Age National Sales and Marketing Manager. "We are seeing an upswing in lifestyle users, who realise they can store their recreational equipment in a self storage unit. With easy access you can fetch and drop what you need, when you need, at any of our conveniently located self storage facilities."

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 12 August 2013 | Take A Break