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This Piece Of Glass Has Storage Capacity You Won't Believe

This story caught our attention because it mentioned 'storage', something we get very excited about here at Stor-Age. However far from attempting to shrink and store your furniture and valuables in a glass container the size of a coin, this storage is intended to store data. How much data you say and how important is this? Well how about 360 terabytes of data, enough to store an inordinate amount of information on a piece of glass that "...could out-survive the human race."

The significance is that we can now store data for use by future generations that can last much longer than current technology and doesn't take up too much space. Of course you will still need somewhere to store this storage space, so fortunately storage units at Stor-Age will still have some space to play in future! "A team at the University of Southampton first developed the technology in 2013, and have now stored a number of historical documents  -- including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Magna Carta and the Bible -- as digital copies, perhaps forever." Notes the article on

glass data storage

So how does this work? We know storage, it's what we do and it makes us tick but before it gets too technical here is a small excerpt from the Wired article. "'5D data' is data stored, as the name suggests, on five dimensions -- height, width and depth, and two other dimensions produced by the nanostructuring of the glass. Data is recorded on the material with a femtosecond laser, which emits incredibly short optical pulses -- in this example, 280 femtoseconds or 280 quadrillionths of a second."

If data storage on small bits of glass is not your thing and sounds too risky, you can always rent a self storage unit to store your valuables. With sizes ranging from one cubic metre high security vaults for documents, records and other valuables to self warehousing space that is custom sized to fit your specific business storage needs. Check out our handy self storage space estimator to select the unit size that suits you.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 26 February 2016 | Take A Break