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This organisation is breaking the cycle of poverty with bikes

Children are like budding flowers. If you shower them with support and nourish them with knowledge and praise, they will grow into strong, independent individuals. While some instil these key life lessons and values in a quiet and calm setting, the programme prefers to do it on a tough and thrilling dirt track! Providing youth with the space, support and skills to find their feet in life, the Songo team is breaking the cycle of poverty in South Africa. 

The programme was born out of a passion for bikes and bettering local communities in South Africa. While training in the Stellenbosch mountains, Swiss multiple mountain bike World Champion Christoph Sauser grew a special affinity for the country and its beloved people. Propelled to make a difference here, he founded the programme in 2008 and began offering youth the opportunity to reach new heights through mountain biking. 

Over the years, has helped develop lasting change in the Kayamandi community in Stellenbosch. The initiative’s sports programme focuses on BMX and mountain bike training, helping youth develop skills and confidence through daily coaching sessions. The team are also dedicated to empowering youth off the track with their educational programme. By providing learners with a supportive environment and the necessary resources, students of all ages can complete their studies and pursue tertiary education. relies on donations from the community to keep its programme running and reach those in need. To assist them in their efforts, Stor-Age recently partnered with the team to help them raise funds for their youth development programme, Songo Tots. The project is aimed at helping kids from the creches in the area get onto balance bikes and learn the necessary skills and values to carve out a brighter future. 

Today, supports and guides 85 children through the power of cycling. By encouraging youth to blaze a trail of their own, have empowered dozens of youth to unlock their potential. To find out more about and how you can contribute to their amazing initiative, visit their website

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 29 October 2021 | SME