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Ten Festive Season Gift Ideas You Can Hide In Self Storage

Like many people at this time of year you may be struggling to think of the perfect gift for that someone special. To give you a helping hand we have come up with ten festive season gift ideas that you can hide in self storage. Check out our interactive image with links to buy the perfect gift this festive season.

Remember you can always keep your gift a secret by hiding it in a self storage unit where you lock and keep the key. We have vault units that are one cubic meter to hide small treasures like cellphones or diamonds and larger units that can store a motor vehicle if you are planning to go all out.

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Here is a list of the top ten festive season gift ideas that you can hide at Stor-Age Self Storage. Let us know what you think and where you are hiding your gifts this year.

  1. iPhone5 - a perfect gift for that tech junkie
  2. New car- we just like the fact you can get it in red
  3. Wine rack - preferably with some wine added
  4. SMEG fridge - a very cool gift (see what we did there?!)
  5. Jetski - make waves with this adrenaline packed gift
  6. Shoes - second only to diamonds for a girls best gift, you won't put a foot wrong here
  7. Surfboard - not for surfing the net but your surfer friend will love it
  8. Rugby jersey - South African's love their rugby, how about his and hers Blue Bulls rugby jerseys in blue and pink respectively?
  9. Massage chair - the best place to be after a large lunch
  10. Diamonds - a girls best friend a guys saving grace

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 10 December 2012 | Tips And Hints