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Storing Your Car? Tips & Hints

If you are looking to store your vehicle then make sure you read through these helpful tips to ensure your vehicle is in the best shape when you use it again.

  1. Wash your car before you put it into storage
  2. Make sure the car is dry and then apply a wax
  3. Avoid corrision in the engine by removing the spark plugs and spraying oil into each cylinder - ensure you run the engine for a short burst with the spark plugs removed to prevent combustion
  4. Lay a plastic sheet on the ground to prevent rising damp
  5. Put a cloth in the exhaust to prevent rodents from nesting - Stor-Age has permanent rodent bait stations and regular pest control

  6. The handbreak may bind after a while so instead leave the car in gear and secure the wheels with a chock
  7. If you are leaving the car for an extended period then storing the vehicle on axle stands is best
  8. Wiper blades can stick to glass so put a rag or cloth under them
  9. Remove the battery. The car alarm, clock and other items may drain the battery over time

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 10 June 2011 | Tips And Hints