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How to store your wedding dress after the big day

If your wedding day has come and gone, you may be looking at options for storing your dream dress. You might be wanting to hold onto your dress for sentimental reasons, or you’re dreaming of a baby girl that will one day create her own dream gown using your material.

Most dresses have a label with instructions on how to best clean the dress. Follow them or ask the dress designer.  Cleaning your dress is just the beginning though - storing your dress correctly is just as important. Here are some tips on how to safely store your wedding dress:

Clean the dress immediately

Your wedding dress is created from a delicate piece of material and should be dry-cleaned as soon as possible after the big day in order to be best preserved. Any stains or marks on the fabric need to be washed out before they have had time to set permanently. Find someone who specialises in cleaning wedding dresses and remind them to pay close attention to the instructions on the label of the dress.

Use the correct packing materials

If you want your wedding dress to stay in the best condition, you need to use the correct packing materials. This means acid-free paper and avoid using plastic bags which will not allow the fabric to breathe. Invest in a professional wedding preservation box or bag. Fold the dress loosely to avoid any creasing and layer the dress with white tissue paper between every fold.

Storing your wedding dress

Your wedding dress has been cleaned and is looking good as new, but now what? It’s time to store it. Protect your dress from direct sunlight to prevent the fabric from fading and turning yellow. You don’t want any moisture build up as this will cause mould, so make sure the storage location is cool in temperature with dry air. Check up on your dress every six months and repackage it with new tissue paper to prevent any permanent creases.

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 11 June 2019 | Tips And Hints