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Storage Wars - You Should Be Watching

Self storage units are often full of little treasures. The unprecedented success of the hit American TV show, Storage Wars, is testimony to the fact. "Storage Wars," which follows teams of bidders looking to score it big in the high stakes world of storage auctions, ranks as A&E's (American television station) number one series of all time among adults 25-54. During its first season, the series averaged 2.8 million viewers per episode and peaked at 3.8 million.

When you are looking to move, renovate or just need to clear up to get that extra space a self storage unit is the ideal place to store your goods. But don't underestimate the option to sell items you may no longer need. Selling these items will bring you extra cash and allow you to use a smaller self storage unit, which is often cheaper, thus saving you even more money.

So where do you sell this stuff? There are actually a number of options and most of them are free. There is a couple of obvious places like Cash Crusaders or Cash Converters. We found that you don't often get the best deal with this option but it is probably a lot quicker and easier to sell your items here. You could instead opt for online advertising through, Gumtree or Junk Mail. This may take a little longer and more administration from your side as you will need to reply to various offers via email or telephone, however you may also sell your items at a higher price.

We also found another great way to sell those unwanted items. Take a look at 2nd Hand Warehouse. They offer professional and friendly advice and often you get a better price for your goods compared to other methods. In addition you will not have to deal with many offers and they can handle larger sales, like entire households.

Time to take a look in your self storage unit?

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 12 September 2011 | Tips And Hints