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Launch Of New Idea Marketing Campaign

Stor-Age, the leading and largest self storage brand in South Africa, is pleased to announce the launch of the Idea Campaign, a marketing campaign that seeks to use simple ideas to inform consumers about the benefits of self storage and why they should be making use of the product. The 'Ideas' are a witty play on words that South African's can relate to, such as, "Idea, park your car in your garage." While this may seem self-explanatory to most, many may find that they are parking one of their most expensive purchases outside, while securely and safely storing odd bits and items of little value in their garage. Simply pointing out this small behaviour should lead most South Africans to consider cutting the clutter and perhaps using self storage as an option to do so.

Stor-Age Self Storage Idea Campaign - Park your car in your garage
Stor-Age Idea Campaign - Park your car in your garage poster

The Idea Campaign involves print, digital, billboard, radio and, for the first time in the South African self storage industry, a television commercial. The television commercials introduce South African's to Dave and Jabu, both of whom have a unique problem... space requirements. Their need to get more space and declutter their lives is then simply solved by making use of Stor-Age self storage units. You can watch both new commercials by clicking on the images below. These self storage commercials are set to run on DSTV on the SuperSport and Home Channel, starting in May 2015.

Stor-Age Idea Campaign television commercials, a first in the South African self storage industry

"Stor-Age’s internal marketing team, with the assistance of experienced advertising specialists from various agencies, have created an authentic integrated campaign… a campaign that the South African public can relate to as urbanisation continues to press all of us for space in our lives, resulting in our houses being filled with business stock or our cars being parked in the elements”. Says Chris Oosthuizen, General Manager Sales and Marketing at Stor-Age. The Idea Campaign includes simple ideas to prompt the consumer to think about how they are using their own space and includes messages such as, "Have guests stay in your guest room." and "Your warehouse doesn't have to be your house." Take a look at some of the other creatives for the Idea Campaign below.

Stor-Age Self Storage Idea Campaign - Have guests stay in your guest room Stor-Age Self Storage Idea Campaign - Give your wife the space she needs
Stor-Age Idea Campaign posters

Along with the printed, digital and television media, the radio commercials are set to air to coincide with the launch of the Idea Campaign and will introduce consumers to the same set of simple ideas. Listen to the "Park your car in your garage" radio commercial below and stay tuned for other wholeheartedly, wonderful ideas from Stor-Age.

Park your car in your garage

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 05 May 2015 | News And Events