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Smartphone Users Search For Self Storage

The way people access the internet is not changing… it has changed and if you are not yet aware that more and more of your consumers are looking for you by using a smart phone you will soon find out how much your business can’t do without a presence on this new platform of engagement. Self storage is no different to any other product when it comes to the need for a mobile presence. Many operators have already optimised their website to have a mobi version and some operators have even developed an Android or iPhone application. So is it better to get started on a mobile version of your website or a downloadable mobile application?

It appears that most self storage operators have gone with the mobi website as opposed to the app and this may be due to the cost of production as well as the problem of how exactly you get your mobile app to market. A good mobile application is only good if people are downloading it, while a mobile website will be accessed as people continue to look for self storage on their smart phones, so there is no need to create a market demand for this.

Old mobile phones to call self storage

As the use of smartphones continues to expand the user is becoming more aware of what is available to them and more frighteningly is starting to have a few expectations as well. Don’t have a mobile version of your website? Maybe they will look somewhere else. Stor-Age launched the first mobile website for a self storage company in Africa as of January 2012. The feedback has been positive with over 10% of all website visits coming from mobile. This is a staggering figure, the substantial number of potential clients visiting is something that cannot be ignored. Can your business really afford to turn away all of the potential renters looking for you on a mobile device?

A quick search on your mobile phone for self storage companies will show that most of the industries main players have already produced a mobile website but not many have launched a mobile application. You may think that this is not the way to go, however it does mean there is still a niche in the market for an operator to deliver a useful tool to the consumer and become the ‘go to’ leader for this service. One problem with this strategy is what exactly to offer in a mobile application. Naturally contact details, a store locator and the ability to ‘click to call’ should be included but what will bring the user back again and make them download your app in the first place? It could be a space estimator, though current market efforts have been quite cumbersome. One idea may be to incorporate something like MagicPlan from the iStore. This application allows the user to take pictures of a room and it automatically generates the room size and provides a floor plan.

Whatever your opinion of these developing technologies the facts are that your customer is looking for you right now on a mobile device. Will they find you?

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 17 August 2012 | News And Events