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See First Interview With Doug Mallett After That Amazing Kick

If you have not seen it by now then where have you been? The YouTube sensation "Stor-Age Rugby kick to win a car..." has 22,000 hits as this article is written. Stor-Age ran a win a GTI competition at this year's Cape Town Tens Rugby Festival. Contestants had to make a 40 metre kick and hit the crossbar in order to win a brand new Golf GTI. Impossible? Not so much, check out Doug Mallett achieving the impossible here.

We met with Doug a few days later for the handover of his new car and asked him a few questions like, "What was going through your mind as you kicked the ball?" and "Has your dad accepted the job as the new England coach?" Check out the full interview  here.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 09 February 2012 | Videos