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Patrick Wins A Scooter At Cape Town Tens 2013

The 2013 Castle Cape Town Tens has come and gone and so has the coveted Stor-Age GTI kick-off competition.

Although the GTI was not won this year, one lucky Tens visitor is gearing to kick up some dust on the streets of Cape Town with his prize of a brand new Big Boy Scooter!

We caught up with Patrick Dieroff, Fish Hoek resident and winner of second prize of The Big Boy Scooter, to ask him a few things about himself and his experience at Tens with the Stor-Age kick off competition.

1 - Patrick are you a Cape Town local – If so where about? “Yes I am from Cape Town - from Fish Hoek”

2 - Were you participating in Cape Town Tens in a rugby team or were you a spectator? “I was a member of a team”

3 - Great stuff – which team were you in - give your team a shout out! “The Masi Pumas!”

4 - How did you hear about the Stor-Age competition? “One of the promo girls explained it to me and a few mates”

Patrick Dieroff on his new Stor-Age scooter

5 - Ah yes lovely ladies they are. Tell us what thoughts went through your mind as you prepared for the final kick? “Don’t slip and land on your arse in front of my rugby club and all these people because I’ll never hear the end of it!”

6 - Haha yes, the pressure was on no doubt! There seemed to be a great atmosphere with all the finalists as they prepared for their kicks – how was your experience? Was there an air of competitiveness or comradery? “There was a lot of comradery between us!”

7 - That sounds like Tens spirit. Yourself and the rest of the finalists got to spend some time with the Stor-Age team at Cape Town Tens – how was your experience? “The Stor-Age team were great – very patient and professional”

8 - Finally, how do you feel about winning the Big Boy Scooter? “I am over the moon and still quite can’t believe it”

Nice work Patrick! Enjoy the ride and see you next year at Cape Town Tens!

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 01 March 2013 | News And Events