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Need a fresh start? Discover the many benefits of minimalism

Take a minute to look around your home. Whether stashed away in cupboards or stacked in corners, there’s undoubtedly a heap of clutter somewhere in your home. It’s a common habit to hold onto things, even if they don’t serve a purpose in our lives anymore. From broken appliances and tattered clothes to sentimental mementoes and souvenirs, these items not only take over your physical space but your mental space as well. 

Minimalism is a lifestyle that encourages you to own less and live more. If you’re looking for a fresh start but are a bit sceptical about the bare and basic trend, here are a few benefits that might change your mind. 

Less stress

One of the main benefits of minimalism is that it can help protect our sense of happiness from life’s little daily annoyances. A minimalist lifestyle reduces clutter and avoids stress, making people happier, less stressed and more empathetic to others. It also emphasises the beauty of simplicity and clear communication.

More freedom

Ever heard the phrase less is more? Minimalism was practically built on this belief. The simple lifestyle encourages you to be more content with what you have and not be consumed by ostentatious and superficial desires. In many ways, it's a type of lifestyle design. Minimalism is not just a space or organisational style, but a mindset that promotes productivity and satisfaction. 

A happy and relaxed mindset 

One of the most undervalued benefits of minimalism is its ability to boost joy and happiness. The constant cleaning, organising, and arranging that used to take up your time is now replaced with more free time to spend with family and friends or start a new hobby. All this adds up to more mental clarity which can only benefit your life.

Save money

We spend our lives trying to accumulate things – clothes, electronics, trinkets and so on, but these items only show how successful we are, not who we are. The irony is, all the things we buy do very little for us, if anything they only make the void within us bigger and more difficult to fill. Without this added expense, you’ll not only save money but have more cash to spend on activities or experiences that actually add value to your life. 

Embrace the present

Minimalism isn't about living in a completely stripped-down life devoid of character or meaning. It's about recognising what is important in one's life and clearing the way for happiness, joy, creativity, focus, energy, relationships and personal space. Because of this approach to life, minimalists are more inclined to enjoy themselves fully in their current moment and embrace what’s in front of them instead of looking for more. 

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 01 February 2022 | Minimalism