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Tips to make more space in your home

While many people look to simplify their living spaces and downscale, a trade-off for this is that living areas usually become a lot smaller. This mostly means one thing – clutter! With a smaller space one or two incorrectly placed items can make a room appear far more cluttered than it needs to be.

In this blog post we share a few tips on how to simplify your living areas.

Styling a small space

  1. Double Duty

Choose furniture that has multiple uses. A side table that can be used as seating, an ottoman that can be used for storage or a desk that can be used a side table. Whatever it may be, having furniture that can be used for a multitude of functions is a smart move in a small space.

  1. Reflective Surfaces

Choose accent pieces that reflect light as they will give the illusion of more space. A glass coffee table can almost seem like it isn’t there and a metallic side board reflects light as well as draws the eye as a point of visual intrigue.

  1. Less Clutter

This one may seem obvious, but having smaller items scattered around your space will only make your home feel disorganised and cramped. Instead, opt for clearing out the items you no longer need and storing the items you don’t need on a daily basis. This means that there will be more clean lines in your home and less mess to worry about.

  1. Bold Art

Add some drama to your space by introducing a gallery into your home. Choose larger artworks to create a statement or a selection of symmetrical prints in a hall way. This will add volume and a point of interest to a room. Painting a wall an accent colour is a great start to creating a gallery space that stands out in your home.

  1. Add Space

This is also called ‘floating your furniture’. Instead of pushing your furniture pieces up against the wall, rather add space between the wall and the furniture to give the illusion of space.

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 21 July 2020 | Tips And Hints