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It's Big In Japan - Ingenious Automated Underground Bike Storage

We love storage, it's what we do, but we had to sit back and admire the innovative idea for bicycle storage coming from Japan. Space is at a premium in Japan with an extremely high population density, more and more people are making use of bicycles to get around, as they take up less space than a car and are much more efficient in terms of dodging traffic. There is only one problem... where do you store your bike when you are not using it. That is where some Japanese inventors got together and decided the best place to put the bicycles was underground. You have to hand it to them, this is pretty ingenious.

By storing the bike underground, the Eco Cycle manages to free up valuable space. Impressed yet? How about if you found out it can retrieve your specific bike within 13 seconds and has a capacity to store 204 bicycles? Not only is the Eco Cycle system being used to solve the problem of space but the installation is also earthquake proof, something that must be considered for all building in Japan.

To read more about the space saving idea check out this article. We may not have self storage underground but we do have space for you, check out our handy space estimator and book your space today.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 19 August 2013 | Take A Break