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How to store festive season decorations

Putting your decorations up always completes the festive traditions – but storing them after the holiday season can be more like a nightmare than a jolly experience. From knotted fairy lights to fragile and finicky ornaments, packing up your festive decorations can be frustrating, to say the least. To help you wrap up the festive season, we’ve come up with a few handy storage hacks to keep your precious ornaments in perfect condition for next year!

1. Hang holiday wreaths 

Wreaths are just wonderful! They brighten up our homes with festive cheer but can be a pain to store away. Although you might be tempted to just throw your decorative wreath at the bottom of your closet and unearth it from the wreckage of tinsel next year, you’ll be left with a wonky wreath that no one will want to look at. 

To keep it looking fresh and undamaged, carefully unbraid it and wrap it in tissue paper to keep the dust at bay. If you have an artificial wreath, make sure you store it on a flat surface or hang it up in an area that doesn't get too hot like an empty cupboard or closet.

2. Replant or pack away Christmas trees

Sure, you want to show your Christmas cheer all day long, but leaving your Christmas tree up all year can cause some pretty big problems. If you have an artificial tree it’s relatively easy to pack away, simply fold up the branches and store it in a plastic bag or the box it came in before standing it upright in an empty cupboard.

While many people simply toss fresh trees away once the season is over, there is a more sustainable way to store these. Plant it in a pot that can still be moved around and care for it throughout the year. When the festive season comes around again, all you need to do is drag it in and decorate!

3. Wind up lights 

Holiday lights and decorations need ample care and attention to ensure they last throughout the festive season and beyond. There are a number of ways you can store your colourful lights so that they don’t tangle or blow a bulb. Using the cardboard tube from your used up wrapping paper, you can wind up the lights gently and pop the battery pack in the centre for safekeeping. The same method can be applied with a piece of old cardboard or even a hanger!

4. Stack decorative ribbons 

Small items like bows can easily disappear if you don’t store them correctly. Whether you have a neat organiser or a few extra containers lying about, place the items in a separate storage container and label the lids so that you know exactly where everything is. You can also stack your ribbons on a dowel rod and store them in a jar or wrap leftover strips around some ice cream sticks!

5. Box brightly coloured ornaments

No festive season is complete without dozens of brightly coloured ornaments. The cheerful decorations are however fragile and can be difficult to store away in a small space, so you’ll have to get a bit creative with this one! First, find a location where they'll be least seen so you don't have to keep stepping over them. Next, source some old egg cartons or even cup holders, find a place for each ornament and stack them in a storage box for the next year. 

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 04 January 2022 | Tips And Hints