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How to keep your holiday home neat and tidy

Holiday house

You’ve been waiting the whole year for this – quite literally! The final holiday escape where you get to relax and reset. You pack your bags and hit the road to your holiday home. Upon arrival, you walk in to an absolute mess! This is definitely not the way to start your highly anticipated holiday.

The purpose of a holiday home is to be able to kick back, relax and entertain friends and family over the festive season. A home full of activity can be difficult to keep neat and tidy. Here is a list of tips on how to keep your holiday home in top shape, both when you are there as well as when you are not.

Clean regularly – even when you are not there

You may need a rest, but dust and dirt do not take a holiday. Regardless of whether your holiday home is occupied or not, it needs a thorough clean at least once a month. Employing a housekeeper to visit the home and give it a thorough cleaning will ensure that you don’t walk in to an allergy haven over the festive season. Cleaning detergents that are set to a timer will also help the house remain smelling fresh.

Plan your space

Holiday homes are synonymous with a house full of people (and their belongings). Structuring your holiday home in a way that maximises space will help reduce the amount of accumulating clutter. If you find that you have excess belongings taking up space in your home, self storage may be the perfect solution to open up the home.

Allocate chores

Homeowners often fall into the trap of cleaning up after their guests when they should be enjoying their holiday. By allocating everyone daily chores, the house will be kept clean and tidy with minimum effort. You can even introduce a reward system or gamify the responsibilities to make it fun.

Take advantage of self storage units

Certain holiday items are a nuisance and cause inconvenience when traveling, yet you may struggle to leave the quad bike or kayak behind. These items can be stored in a storage unit where they can be easily accessed. Self storage units can keep your belongings safe when you don’t need them, and accessible when you do!

Declutter you holiday home before leaving

As your holiday comes to an end, try to get rid of unnecessary items that are no longer useful or that are taking up space. This includes the smaller items – such as clothes that may attract clothes moths – and larger items, such as hobby equipment. Again, a self storage unit may be useful to keep them safely stored off site. Take the time to pack everything away in their correct place before leaving.

These are 8 essential tips for promoting a healthy, neat and clean holiday home. If you need self storage to help with this effort, you can get a free quote online for any of our conveniently located stores nationwide. Alternatively, you can call 0861 18 18 18.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 03 January 2019 | Minimalism|Take A Break|Tips And Hints