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Freshen up your kitchen

Are you bored with your kitchen looking the same for the past couple of years? Clutter tends to accumulate and the room never really feels tidy. The good news is that you don’t need to plan an expensive renovation to freshen up the kitchen.  

There are a few quick and easy tips that can transform the space into a light and happy room. Here’s our top tips.

Change up the lighting

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Make it a bright space that invites family members and guests to gather and spend time together. If the lights in your kitchen are dim, then you can change the lighting and, by doing so, completely change the mood. 

Freshen up the walls

The walls in the kitchen are easily dirtied. From spattered sauces and collected grease, to all other sorts. If your kitchen walls are difficult to clean, then this could be an area to consider upgrading with new tiles or a splash of paint. Use your creativity to add some character to your kitchen walls, for example, you can add beautiful tiles above the stove. 

Declutter the counters

You’ll be surprised by how much space opens up and how the mood is lightened when the kitchen counter is clear of clutter. Find homes for the various kitchen items that you use on a regular basis so that they don’t lie loose on the counter, creating a cluttered mess. For example, you can invest in a vase for spatulas and ladles, and buy a fruit bowl to store your loose fruit and veg. 

Add some plants

Nothing adds a fresh atmosphere to space like a bit of greenery. If your kitchen gets a fair bit of sunshine, then you can build a herb garden on your window sill. A kitchen that doesn’t see as much direct sunshine is the perfect place to put succulents. 

Add a splash of colour

Depending on the colour scheme of your kitchen, a bit of colour can instantly freshen up space. Add a bit of art to the wall, a rug to the floor, or different colour jars to store your tea and coffee. A popular colour that stands out and adds a happy mood is yellow.

While decluttering your kitchen space, you’ll find that you may have appliances that you seldom use, extra utensils and a junk drawer full of manuals and receipts (among other interesting items). 

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 23 March 2021 | Tips And Hints