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Five tips to prevent you becoming a digital hoarder

Decluttering and living a minimalist lifestyle is a growing trend in our homes as well as in our working spaces, but what about the tech space? Believe it or not, digital junk is a reality and can quickly become a huge frustration as it adds to the clutter and takes up unnecessary storage.

You may have heard about Marie Kondo before and her methods of decluttering in an effort to simplify our lives. We have previously shared our own tips on this subject. Clutter doesn’t have to only be physical items though and so in this blog post we offer some tips on how to prevent becoming a digital hoarder.

You’ve spent so much time decluttering your homes and your garages – why stop there!

Digital Clutter

  1. Regular clearance

Digital data accumulates very quickly, often without you even noticing. It is important to make the effort to regularly clear the likes of your email inbox, photo library and downloads folder to reduce the amount of memory that is being taken up by dated and irrelevant data. We suggest that you set a reminder once a week to go through these areas and clear them out. Once you’ve developed a system, it should become significantly easier to maintain.  

  1. Back up and organise

As you clear your data, be sure to organise the data that you keep systematically. Try putting your files and documents in systematic folders. Also, be sure to back up these folders regularly in the cloud in case of an emergency such as all of your data being wiped off of your hardware.

  1. Use effective tools

This one is more about decluttering your systems and processes to make your life easier and save you some time. Even industries that are not “tech” at the core rely heavily on digital tools to help make more processes efficient and effective. Some of these tools include bookmarking your “go-to” sites, using shared calendars and digital to-do lists which help streamline things. As a company, team or individual, take the time to explore the various tools and apps available that will make even the simplest tasks more streamlined.

  1. Organise cables and accessories

Although tech jobs work mostly online, there are still physical aspects that can cause a lot of frustration. One of these aspects that tend to accumulate a lot of clutter are cables and gadgets. Don’t be afraid to throw out or donate cables and outdated gadgets that you no longer need! Put your cables in order and tie them neatly. If you don’t know where a cable belongs, get rid of it.

  1. Expand your physical space

Perhaps your job relies more on electronic equipment that digital data? In this instance, a self storage unit may be the answer to keep the bulk of your excess equipment. If you are an electronics distributer, or upsizing or downsizing your office, our conveniently located self storage facilities offer a safe and secure space to store your valuable belongings. We are constantly looking for ways to help our business customers grow which is why we offer our business storage deals, including 10% off of your monthly rental.

These five easy tips will help you to declutter your tech space and hopefully prevent you from becoming a digital hoarder!

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 04 March 2019 | Minimalism|Tips And Hints