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DIY Gone Wrong

Have you ever been a little too ambitious in your attempts at DIY projects around your home? Has that “easy and simple” half an hour task turned into a nightmare with missing skin and a stain that will never leave your carpet? If this has been the case, fear not, you are probably like many others who have seen a DIY project go awry.

Take this for example. A simple DIY chair that seems to have become rather unfortunate. We don’t know who exactly read the instructions (or if they even did) when putting this together but we suspect that they shouldn’t be allowed to do the next project unsupervised.

DIY fail - chair legs

We all know someone who just likes to take charge and get the job done as fast as possible. We are pretty sure that this is one of those people. His mattress may be a little more uncomfortable than he had hoped for, but at least he’ll have no trouble getting into bed.

DIY fail - bed

This poor lady is clearly embarrassed by her attempt at making a chair. Whilst somewhat more practical than the first fail in this blog, it doesn’t look particularly comfortable.

DIY fail - chair back

Finally, we have an over ambitious chef who must have far too much self-belief. This MasterChef decided to immortalize pop singer, Justin Bieber, by displaying his face as a meatloaf. The results, seem to look like something out of a horror movie. While it may not ‘meat’ some lofty expectations, we’re sure Justin would agree that it is in good taste.

DIY fail - meatloaf

If you have an embarrassing DIY project that you or one of your family have made why not put it into self storage or share it with us on Facebook? Whether it is for “safekeeping”, because it is hideous or simply because you cannot bear to confront the horrible errors of the past, Stor-Age will have a place for it. Whether it is a large or small or you are simply needing a new home, take a look at our space estimator to select the perfect size for your mistakes!

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 01 July 2016 | Take A Break