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Cupboard 13 For Dress 13

Have you ever heard of the euphemism "file 13", used for referring to the rubbish bin for documents or anything that is to be thrown away? Essentially any unwanted items are 'stored' in file 13. This is where the fast emerging term "dress 13" has it's roots. This is a dress or piece of clothing that has not been worn for a long time and is being kept at the back of the cupboard for the future. You will recognise this dress if you have ever said...

"I'm keeping it to inspire me to get to that size again." or
"My daughter will wear that one day." or
"I just cannot bring myself to throw it away." or
"It is was way too expensive to throw away." or
"It has too much sentimental value."

Dress 13

Whatever your excuse you have just created cupboard 13 for dress 13. So what to do now? If you just cannot bring yourself to throw it away or donate it then this is your chance to start your personal walk-in closet at Stor-Age. Rent a self storage unit and you could be walking through wall to wall dresses whenever you like. Not only will this free up value space in your cupboard for clothes you actually wear but it will allow you to hold on to the things you love. Your cupboard 13 unit is now a storage unit. Of course there are other ways to clear up cupboard 13, here are a few tips and hints.

1. Use the one-in-one-out rule. For each new article of clothing you purchase, an old one must be given away. This will ensure you never run out of cupboard space.
2. Remember the one year or six month rule. Essentially this is a self imposed restriction where you set the timeline and if you have not worn it before then, it is time to throw it away, give it to a friend or donate it.
3. Donate your unwanted to dresses to charity. Check out It's Your Turn for a great cause that will also come and collect, though we may be a bit biased as they make use of one of our storage units to store the dresses.

Dress 13 and It's Your Turn

"Taking an unused dress hanging in a cupboard and selling it for R100 to a young girl in the township, yearning for a beautiful end-of-year/Matric Dance dress, is the most amazing vibe in the world of recycling.

The fact that the money made from selling the dresses is then used to buy a brand new pair of school shoes for those that need them so badly, well, it’s just an incredible process to be a part of. The cool thing is it’s so easy for you to be a part of it too.

It’s Your Turn facilitate the cycle of getting the new dress to the dreaming girl, you just need to get in touch with us (see contact page) and we will collect the dress from you. Perhaps you can get some of your friends to drop a dress with you too. Then when we collect, you become the latest casual hero by just having the good will and inclination to do something really worthwhile through word of mouth."

A big shout out and thank you to Iréne Scholz for the being the latest casual hero.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 13 July 2015 | Tips And Hints