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Cover Your Stored Items - Insurance For Self Storage

Obtaining insurance directly with your self storage operator in South Africa has not been possible up until now. The Aussies do it, the British do it, the Yankees do it and even the Europeans do it!
So why were we different in South Africa? According to Robbie Cameron of Stor-Age, "It's purely a function of how young the self storage industry still is in SA. Value added services like the sale of insurance, provision of packaging materials and providing transport at the time of move-in, are all supplied in the more developed self storage markets. The South African self storage industry is behind the curve, but we are catching up. At Stor-Age we pride ourselves on being a business that other businesses want to do business with. Thats a bit of a mouthful, but it's all very true!"
Cameron noted further, "It's a great product (self storage insurance) and it adds real value to our tenants at the time of move-in. It's these types of add-on services which truly make Stor-Age the stand out self storage operator in SA. In the past, some tenants have been able to add their contents stored to their existing household or business policies. However, this was done at a significant cost and unnecessary hassle, and only after the insurance company was satisfied that the goods were stored at a self storage facility which offered the required level of security and services. In addition to the cost, there was a period of time when the goods weren't covered at all. This was a disaster waiting to happen."

Now Stor-Age is leading the way in South Africa with the first fully fledged self storage insurance product. For your benefit and convenience we offer Stor-Age Insurance whilst storing your goods at Stor-Age!
To ensure maximum cover, Stor-Age advises that you always select the most appropriate banding - your goods will be covered in case of fire and allied perils, to the value of the sum insured. Cameron added, "Remember, if it's worth storing then it is worth insuring. Can you imagine how upset and devastated you would be if your valued possessions or valuable business stock was destroyed in a fire or stolen, and there was not adequate insurance cover in place via your normal insurance provider. It's just not worth the risk or the hassle at the time of move-in for that matter!"
The best part about Stor-Age Insurance is that you can select the value of the cover you want and you are not tied into a long term contract.
If you have any queries please let us know by calling us on 0861 181818.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 28 February 2011 | Tips And Hints