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Best DIY Tips Ever

We know that owning or renting a home means many small repairs that you would rather not call out an expensive professional to handle. We are not talking about replacing a geyser or changing a door but rather the smaller items that can make living at home a little easier. We spotted a fantastic article called "Know Your Stuff: The 110 Best DIY Tips Ever," that includes how to make your own bottle opener and even how to keep matches dry!

Shoe rack
"Looking for a simple rack for your wife's shoes? You won't find a more practical one, we said in January 1961. Drill holes to fit the heels, and mount the panel so it stands proud of the closet wall."

shoe rack for heels

Start a braai with a milk carton
"Use a cardboard milk carton to start charcoal for a grill, we said in May 1960. Cut off the top and stack the coals inside. The wax-coated carton will produce a hot flame around them."

milk carton for a braai

Silence a rattling chain
"To prevent a chain from rattling, weave a rope in between the links, we said in June 1916. Arrange the rope so that it threads only in spaces between the links."

How to silence a clanking chain

Defend the home with a putty knife
"To protect painted walls and other delicate surfaces when using a hammer to pull nails, wedge a putty knife beneath the tool's claw, our August 1954 issue recommended."

Defend the home with a putty knife

Dry paint can spills
"Punch holes in a paint-can rim with a 4d finish nail. This helps paint along the rim drain into the can. — January 1991"

dry paint cans

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 09 May 2016 | Tips And Hints