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A Day In The Life Of A Stor-Age Manager - Sasha Lategan

"Its time to get ready for work, as I start my morning half-asleep, I try to find my name badge. Once again, I seem to have misplaced it, but wonder by wonder I always manage to find it before I leave." This is how Sasha Lategan starts her typical day for Stor-Age, one she describes as being enjoyable and successful, quoting one of her favourite sayings, "Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals - Jim Rohn." Sasha's success is driven by a desire to do more as she starts going through her days activities early on, "The drive to work gives me time to work through my known schedule for the day in my mind. Mondays – Debtors, Tuesdays – Deposit refunds, Wednesdays – Mini Audit, Thursdays – Fingerprint reports etc. etc."

Sasha Lategan at Stor-Age Brooklyn opening
Sasha (on the right) in the photo booth at the opening of Stor-Age Brooklyn in Pretoria.

Sasha's single-minded determination continues the moment she walks into office, all though this doesn't prevent the much-needed morning cup of coffee first! "As I get to the office, I start my daily routine of making sure everything is unlocked, clean and switched on before I lay into my daily admin and a cup of coffee. I have found that just like a good old family recipe that always gives that perfect chocolate cake, fundamentals are important. As manager, we add our own flare and flavour to this basic recipe, like a shot of espresso, a crunchy nut or a bite of chilli, but in the end, the fundamentals remain constant. We should never lose the ability to be objective and initiate positive change." Positive change is one thing that Sasha thrives on striving to become the master of her field. "My focus on a daily basis is to improve on my own performance and ensure I become the expert with what I keep myself busy with – human service." This focus to help people is what keeps Sasha going, renting space may seem boring but when you add the human element and the fact you are assisting people in realm life-changing events then the job becomes more than a job.

Sasha Lategan at the Stor-Age Self Storage Conference 2015
Sasha (center on the left) poses with her team at the annual Stor-Age Conference event.

"...helping people during a family tragedy, a mother going through a divorce, a happy couple moving in together or a company renovating their business has become a great reward in itself. Offering a service that has become so scarce in an automated and electronic world, it truly an art that we are perfecting day by day though an interdisciplinary knowledge base, our ability to prevent but also re-mediate problems and our commitment to the improvement of our customer’s overall quality of life." It is clear the love of helping people is a mark of success for Sasha, who compares her working day to a chocolate cake! "Success in a company of fundamentals becomes easy when you apply it day by day. Following a recipe that yields a great result, will work every time if you stick to good quality ingredients (trained managers with passion) and a methodology that works (Minimum Operating Standards). We are bound to share in the success and fulfillment of a great chocolate cake if we adhere to these fundamentals."

Done for the day and heading home Sasha reminisces about the people she has helped and of course... the chocolate cake, "And so I go home every day, doing the same tasks, but when I see the success of my company, I remember the part I played in making this happen by offering a human service and applying a few basic fundamentals. And then nothing come close to a slice of great chocolate cake at the end of a hard day!"

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 11 March 2016 | News And Events