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A Day In The Life Of A Stor-Age Manager - Bernice Human

"One word describes the day for me at Stor-Age. Availability!" Says Bernice Human, when asked to describe her typical day at work. Bernice is a Senior Operations Manager at Stor-Age Kempton Park and as such she has a few extra responsibilities that her make her day enjoyable and full. "My day starts between 05h30 – 06h00 am. Then I make sure that the retail area is clean, packaging is replenished, laptops are set up and the kettle is boiling for coffee should we welcome an early customer. Being close to the airport has seen customers meeting me at 06h00 in the morning to store their cars in lock up and get “Uber” units!" This dedication to customers that are looking for a little extra attention is what marked Bernice out as an outstanding performer and a reason why she is a Senior Operations Manager.

Bernice Human Stor-Age Senior Operations Manager

"Second on my list is collating reports for my Area Manager as part of my responsibility of being a Senior Operations Manager. Sending out e-mails to all the stores in our region as a reminder of what reports needs to be completed and by what deadline for the day. I will then process reminders on the in-house system and any other related tasks." These extra responsibilities are intended to provide a platform for Bernice to grow, a challenge she readily accepts before moving on to her own store. "I would then concentrate on tasks that need to be allocated to the Facility Assistants. Assist them with solutions to complete a certain task on hand whether it be a maintenance issue, gardening etc. We will then also discuss certain areas that need attention and this is then allocated per facility assistant for completion for the day." Bernice has recognises that her own development must include the development of others.

"Training of our staff is part of our daily focus as well. I am privileged to train all the new appointed Managers or Assistant Managers for the Johannesburg South Region. I make sure they have all the necessary skill and tools available to them to be successful in this industry and get passionate about selling space and having fun at the same time." Being passionate is one thing that shines through when chatting to Bernice. You can tell she enjoys her work. "Sales figures will then be discussed and goals will be set. This is the most stressful time of the day depending on the current figures and we all would normally have a strong coffee afterwards to keep us positive and focused for the day!" Tongue in cheek comments like having a 'strong coffee' is what makes Bernice so instantly likeable, a vital personality trait when dealing with clients from all walks of life.

Bernice Human Stor-Age Senior Operations Manager

"Interaction with the clients starts at 08h00. We then call all the potential customers that enquired about storage space and invite them to come in and view a unit with us or assist them in making the correct decision on the size unit depending on what they need to store. We will talk about their circumstances, their needs, their insecurities about storing and give them the security that they and their valuables will be taken care of. We guide our customers on all the aspects off safely and securely moving their goods to our facility." An integral part of the job is renting space, something Bernice excels in as her warm personality assures customers Stor-Age is the place to choose.

"By 16h00 pm I will provide feedback to my team on their tasks for the day and plan for the next day’s challenges and or opportunities. To be available means to be there for my clients, staff, fellow manager’s and senior management at all times. So, whether my day consists of assisting a client, discussing issues, finding solutions with fellow colleagues or planning ahead… managing my time to the benefit of the operation will always be my priority." Bernice's infectious passion is clearly evident and she leaves us in no doubt about her drive, "We are the leading brand in the country and I am proud to be a representative of such an elite corporation."

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 13 June 2016 | News And Events