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Local Business Spotlight: Bringing hope to the nation

It may only be mid-January but this year has already been full of news, updates and happenings. With the pandemic causing a lot of stress and anxiety, this week’s choice for Local Business Spotlight offers hope, joy and creativity.

Find out more about the three organisations that were profiled this week. 

Janko de Beer

Outside of the standard household and business items that our customers safely store with us, at times the unusual and very unexpected is kept securely in our self storage units across the country.

One such customer is world-renowned artist Janko de Beer, who chose one of our stores to safely store his valuable artwork. Best described as an artist who tries not to be governed by preconceived notions of what is popular or critically acclaimed in art, Janko’s artwork, which has been featured in many exhibitions around the world, are powerful works all cast into limited editions of bronze and resin.

Take a look at his exquisite pieces on his Instagram page or website.

Gary Kirsten Foundation

Today’s Local Business Spotlight shines the light on the Gary Kirsten Foundation that offers a way for youth in townships to run towards future opportunities with enthusiasm. The organisation is dedicated to creating healthy alternatives in township communities, particularly in line with sporting opportunities. 

Gary wanted to create cricket excellence in South Africa through one-of-a-kind projects. For example, the organisation recently constructed an indoor centre that provides a world-class, all-weather facility for players of all ages without having to leave their community of Makhaza in Khayelitsha. Find out more about GKF on their Instagram page and how you can support them on their Instagram page or website.

One Bag Full

COVID-19 has impacted everyone in a different way, with some being left in a more desperate situation than others. Today’s Local Business Spotlight highlights the inspiring work done by One Bag Full, a charitable organisation founded by four Cape Town-based friends who identified a need in the Langa community. 

The hope is that one bag full of items will bring hope to individuals in this community. They rely on generous donations from the community to give back to those less fortunate and have been inspired by the incredible response they have received over recent months. Find out more about One Bag Full and how you can be involved on their website and Instagram page.

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 15 January 2021 |