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Five Things No One Told You Before You Became A Mother

There are few life events that change everything as much as the arrival of a baby in the home. Yes the cliches of 'you will never get any sleep' or 'your life ends while theirs starts' may be ringing in your ears from all corners but the reality is your excited and have no idea what to expect. Preparing your baby room can be as expensive as it is memorable and this should be the easy part! Remember if you are looking to move out all the extras in your home to make way for the new arrival you can store it at your nearest Stor-Age branch, check out our self storage space estimator here. To help you get ready a little more we put together five things that not one told you before you became a mother.

1. Everyone can touch your belly
Ok, this is just before you become a mother but you will now discover that anyone (loved one or stranger) has all rights to rub your belly and ask questions about the big day and what gender you hope the baby will be. Not only will this be completely acceptable to the public but some may even consider it rude not to stop and ask. Best advice here comes from a mother-to-be, "Just roll with it." or create an interesting story to surprise or shock, such as, "Yes, I think it is a girl and I am hoping I can find a father for her soon!"

2. No clean house

Bad news, there is no physical way to keep up with the demand the new baby has, your sleep and the house cleaning. One of these is going to have to move and let's face it, it's the house cleaning. Good news? This only last for about 20 or so years! Again some advice from a mother we chatted to, "You learn to live with a little bit of mess and surprisingly it stops bothering you as much as you would expect. As the kids grow older you can always teach them to help clean."

3. All conversation is baby related
Your friends circle is about to change to only those that have recently had or are about to have babies. Understandably this is a life event that is incredibly exciting and as such new moms are reading about all the tips and hints or best ways to give their child the best head start in life. This means all conversation is around babies and the only people that want to constantly hear about this (without faking politeness) is other mothers.

4. A holiday is just time alone
Now that you have a child private time is out of the window. Even time on the toilet, shower or bath will be interrupted by your new family member, often with the addition of some awkward questions. This means that what you will really want from a holiday is time alone with no responsibility. The up side is that your significant other will earn immeasurable appreciation simply by giving you an afternoon or evening off. Don't be afraid to ask for it.

5. When is the next one?
These sorts of questions will follow you around all your life, "When are you going to date someone? When are you getting married? When are you giving me a grandchild? When is the next one?" Just when you think you are over the constantly repeated question another one stands up to be answered. So what to do? Answer truthfully or contrive a story that will ensure you won't be asked again. But probably just say, "Whenever I decide, because... mother knows best!"

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 18 July 2016 | Take A Break