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5 Things About Self Storage Your Boss Wants To Know

Need to sound a little intelligent in front of your boss? Here are five things about self storage your boss wants to know. Please let us know if this leads to a promotion!

1. No long term contract
Ask any business owner and they will tell you they get a bit nervous when locking themselves into long term contracts. With self storage the contract is on a month to month basis. That means if you have sold all your stock or move to a larger premises this is one bill you won't have to worry about. Perfect for business self storage.

2. Multiple entry tags for multiple employees
At Stor-Age we have access controlled entry and each staff member can be provided with their own access tag. Each time an entry or exit is made we record the date and time so you can get a full report of who had access when. Great for the boss to know who arrived on time!

benefits of self storage

Our sites have CCTV cameras recording 24/7, along with our on-site security staff, electric fencing, fire extinguishers, fire detection systems and your own padlock and key. This means your stored items are probably safer with us than with you. At the very least it should provide some peace of mind that your goods are safe and secure. Check out our other self storage security measures.

4. Rent the space you need
Unlike renting a warehouse or large premises, self storage allows you to rent only the space you need. This means you also only pay for the space you need. We have self storage units of various sizes and even a self warehousing option for larger storage needs. You can also adjust the amount of space you are renting at any time. Rest assured that the big order coming in will have a spot in self storage and you can stop renting the space as soon as your order is complete. Why pay for space you don't need?

5. 24 hour access
Some of our stores offer access to the self storage unit 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This is great for special or emergency projects where your business is on a tight deadline. Your staff will have unlimited access, we also have well-kept and clean amenities and vending machines in case there is a the need for a few drinks or snacks.

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 24 January 2014 | Tips And Hints