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5 Amazing But Totally Untrue Valentine’s Facts

This Thursday is Valentine’s Day and we thought it would be great to share five amazing but totally untrue Valentines facts.

1. Cupid is the figure most associated with Valentine’s Day but he was not originally portrayed with a bow and arrow. His original weapon was a dagger that was used to pierce the heart and thus cause the victim to fall in love. The bow and arrow was later added by the Romans as a more gentile method of inducing love.

2. There are actually two Valentine’s Days. The traditional 14th February each year and 11th February. The second is now known as International Women’s Day and marks one of only four days that mean are required to remember. The others are: birthdays, anniversaries and the actual Valentine’s Day.

3. Gifting chocolates on Valentine’s Day is seen as bad luck by some. Cupid uses his arrows to shoot love but when a suitor attempted to bribe him with decadent chocolate to gain his desires heart, Cupid saw this as an insult and made her fall in love with another man.

4. Valentine’s Day is associated with the colour red, signifying love but it was originally blue. The Greek god Cupido is portrayed with blue wings and weapon in line with popular Greek culture. It was later changed to red at the request of the Roman Emperor Tiberius to fit with his favourite cape.

5. The Bafana Bafana football team is not in any way associated with Valentine’s Day despite being referred to as ‘a bunch of fairies’ by many in the footballing fraternity.

5 Amazing But Totally Untrue Valentines Facts... And Discounted Self Storage

As a bonus for reading this here is one last very true fact.

To show the love Stor-Age is offering the rest of the month on us. That’s right, move-in on Valentine’s Day and the rest of the month is on us. All you need to do is reserve your unit with us for Valentine’s Day and make your payment and we will give you the rest of the month at no charge.

On a day when the cost of flowers, chocolate, dinner and just about anything else you can imagine goes up, Stor-Age has decided to show the love by putting the cost of your self storage space down. Give us a call now on 0861 18 18 18 or email us and quote “Valentine’s Special”. Check out our self storage space estimator for the unit size that suits you.

Terms and Conditions
  • Offer only valid on 14 February 2013
  • Subject to availability
  • To redeem: First check availability in your city – 086 118 1818 and make your preliminary booking
  • Valid Monday to Saturday
  • One special per person
  • Stor-Age reserves the right to deny access to a full store but will provide an alternative
  • Valid for any size unit up to 18 square metres
  • Bank and Credit Card details are required when moving in; renters who fail to remove their contents after two months will be charged via debit order
  • Copy of ID must be provided
  • Deposit to the value of one month’s storage is required or double if either bank/credit card details are not provided. Must be paid before or when moving into the unit
  • Note that after special offer expires, rental will revert to current price on offer
  • 24-hour access limited to specific sites, contact Stor-Age for details

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 11 February 2013 | Tips And Hints