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10 Of The Strangest Things In Self Storage

Have you ever wondered what people really store in their self storage units? Perhaps you have watched Storage Wars or Auction Hunters and thought there were some strange items to put in a self storage unit. We asked our staff around South Africa to tell us about the strangest thing they had seen in self storage. Here is the top ten (in no particular order) strangest things in self storage as described by Stor-Age staff.

1. A rubber duck collection
This unit was wall to wall rubber ducks, the type you would put into your bathtub and let children play with. Apparently the collection was a hobby for the customer and eventually required a self storage unit.

Rubber duck collection
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2. A rifle
This item was found in an abandoned unit. The police were called immediately to claim the item and we were informed it is illegal in South Africa to store firearms unless they are in a locked safe.

3. Two empty suitcases and a pair of boots
Intriguing and still a mystery these items were found in a locker at one of our stores. There was some speculation that there were hidden items in the suitcase lining but this turned out to be untrue.

4. Noodles
Who could eat a self storage unit full of noodles? We are not sure but this unit was packed full of them. Unfortunately we had to ask the client to move out as we do not allow the storage of any food items.

noodles in self storage
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5. Hangers
Another collection of sorts, we found a self storage unit filled to the brim with hangers. The hangers were soon moved on as the tenant decided not to pay their rent and left us hanging!

6. Muti
Creating a little bit of concern for one of our managers was a unit containing some muti. We are not sure what it was used for but we are glad it is now gone.

7. Personal porn portfolio
Anyone who has been in a few self storage units will know this is a fairly common item, however this particular unit contained items of a personal nature. Our procedures require us to take a detailed inventory but it is safe to say this particular item was left untouched.

8. Self portrait
Finding a painting in a self storage unit is nothing unusual but when the unit is 18 square meters and this is the only item you have to wonder. Perhaps the tenant did not like the image or the way it was painted and decided to leave it behind when they moved out.

9. Grass
No, not the drug, just standard everyday lawn grass. We have heard of taking everything and the kitchen sink when moving home but perhaps this is going too far.

grass in self storage
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10. Boat mould
We were surprised to learn there was even such a thing but this item was over 8m long and 3m high and was used as a mould to cast boats. It took quite a few mechanisms to move the heavy load and is certainly one of the stranger things we have stored.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 06 May 2013 | Take A Break